Fees and Format

I offer offer face-to-face coaching in Santa Barbara, California. And for those out of the area and locals who wish more flexibility and ease in scheduling and to examine your life direction in the comfort of your own home or office, I offer coaching via phone, Facetime, or Skype. My fees are sliding scale. 

I offer coaching programs (refer to the coaching programs page for more information) as well as customized coaching. Customized coaching is for those who wish to focus on a variety of areas, and is offered in the following formats:

2-Hour Transformational Coaching Session: for those who want to make a quantum leap now, and just need that other set of eyes and ears to help them take the steps they know they want to make.

3-Session Starter Package: Great as a launching point for any project, dream, or endeavor.

Coaching Ala-Carte: Retainer-based coaching for those who want ongoing support in a non structured format. Can be used for "just-in-time" sessions or longer sessions as needed.