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Life Coaching: The Creative Empowerment Program

The Creative Empowerment Process is a systematic approach to discovering and actualizing the important visions of your life. It demystifies the creative process by breaking it down into a series of simple, easily replicatable steps that, once learned, can be applied time and again to making your visions a reality. This four-part program consists of 20 sections, specifically designed to guide you step-by-step through the process used by artists, leaders, and builders of culture from time immemorial.

Working with this process will help you clarify what is most important to you, create a clear picture of the results you seek, and then magnetize enough focused energy to bring those results about!

Clients report that when they engage this process, almost like magic, they attract the circumstances they want in their lives with greater ease and speed than they ever thought possible.

Below you will find a list of some of the benefits you can expect from your coaching sessions.

With the help of the Creative Empowerment Process you will:

• Gain new confidence in your own creative powers
• Overcome limiting beliefs
• Gain inspiration and develop the commitment to live your dreams
• Clarify the important visions for your life
• Balance the many competing demands of your life
• Unleash the hidden power of your subconscious mind to create the results you seek
• Overcome indecision
• Stop procrastination
• Break through barriers of inertia and fear
• Gain the cooperation and enthusiastic support of those who can help you achieve your goals
• Dramatically accelerate the rate at which you learn


Career Coaching: The Career Empowerment Process

The Career Empowerment Process is specifically designed to guide you through the key steps necessary to finding your true calling and shaping it into a viable career. Determining what career to pursue is one of the most important things you will ever do in your entire life. It deserves your own dedication and the support of personal coaching to ensure your successful progress.

Part I—Zen and the Art of Finding the Work You Love

First we will focus on exploration and possibilities. You want a career that reflects the best of who you are, a work that you were born to do. You may feel confused about what that is, but the work you love is waiting for you to discover it. The key is asking the right questions. That’s what the exploratory segment of this process is all about—putting you in touch with your true purpose and passion. It’s designed to help you identify your visions, values, purpose, and talents—the key elements of a fulfilling life’s work. The enhanced self-awareness you will gain is indispensable to identifying your most desirable work options. At the end of your exploratory process, you will have identified a career role that will allow you to express your gifts and fulfill your work purpose.

Part II—Zen and the Art of Career Development

How do you know if this new career is right for you? How would it feel to do this new work and what would it require of you? Here you will move through the research and evaluation you need to do in order to make sound career and life decisions that will work for you. You will develop a realistic picture of what your career choice requires and where you stand in relation to the necessary skills, training, and experience. On the basis of this analysis, you'll confirm the career path that’s right for you and we will create a plan that puts you on your way to making it happen!


Abundance Coaching: The Tao of Abundance Program

The fundamental premise of this program is that the universe is you and is for you. If you put yourself in accord with the way of the universe, it will take care of you abundantly. To experience this abundance, there is nothing you need do first. It is not necessary for you to earn one more dollar, get a better job, buy a new home or car, or go back to school. All that is required is that you become aware of the inner process through which you create an experience of lack and struggle in your life, and refrain from doing it. Feelings of abundance and gratitude are natural to the human being; they do not need to be added or put on. We have only to become aware of how we are resisting and inhibiting this natural state. 

Throughout this program, you will be asked to accept responsibility for creating your own experience of abundance or lack. Of course, no individual operates in a vacuum. It would be absurd to deny the impact that the values and organization of the broader society have on us as individuals. In an effort to secure the ever-expanding productivity and consumption upon which its “health” depends, modern commercial culture vigorously promotes a “lack consciousness.” We buy things we don’t need (or even want), because we have become convinced that we will be somehow lacking or inferior without them. We do work we don’t want to do, because we have become convinced that there is a scarcity of good jobs and that we can’t create our own work. Thus, even while we amass more and more stuff, the feeling of abundance keeps eluding us. In addition to the role that the values of the broader society have in promoting a psychology of lack within the individual, the current organization of society poses institutional barriers to his or her creative development and financial independence. 

Nevertheless, ultimate responsibility for the individual’s experience lies with the individual, not with the culture into which he or she has been born. Awareness of the broader social dynamics that promote a consciousness of lack, as well as the inner ego drives that bind us to them, empowers us to break, once and for all, the chains of psychological poverty and lack. This program will address the root causes of the psychology of lack, and how these can be overcome.